Dr. Tiffany Labrecque is a devoted third generation chiropractor whose goal is to empower others to regain their health & maximize their lives. She grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma and completed her pre-med studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic of Dallas, Texas with Honors and has extensive postgraduate training in pediatrics, spinal regeneration, nutrition, & cellular detoxification. She has had a thriving family centered practice in North Richland Hills, TX with her husband, Dr. Jim Labrecque since 1999.  After overcoming a debilitating health challenge due to toxicity in 2012, she has redirected her passion & energy into helping others experience life-changing results in their health through true cellular detoxification. 




Toxins are everywhere and are wreaking havoc on our bodies.  Chemical, physical, environmental & emotional stresses are contributing to toxic inflammation and the end result is a body unable to function as it should. Weight loss resistance, brain fog, lack of energy, poor sleep, dysregulated hormones & poor metabolism are the results of toxic dysfunction in the body.

We’re all familiar with the many types of cleansing programs out there…liver cleanses, gall bladder cleanses, foot baths and the list goes on and on.  And some of those programs have merit.  But NONE of them have the ability to Reach & Remove toxins at THE CELLULAR LEVEL to truly detoxify the body.

Cellular inflammation is the root of so many health problems.  If we do not address health issues at the cellular level we will never reach the core issue & ultimate wellness will be unattainable. It is vital to address the neurotoxins by not only reaching them but removing them safely from the body.

We are a Certified True Cellular Detox™ Wellness Center!

We are proud to be an office chosen to offer True Cellular Detox™, a state of the art program designed by Dr. Dan Pompa.  Due to extreme health issues of his own caused by mercury poisoning, Dr. Pompa has made it his life’s work to bring to light the effects of cellular inflammation and the safe removal of toxins from the body.  Many detox programs claim to remove toxins however, they simply manage to stir up the toxins and redistribute them inside the body.  In fact, many detoxification programs can be more harmful than good!



This is not a 10-day juice cleanse. By recognizing the source of all ailments begins in the cell, True Cellular Detox uses a structured system of detoxification that removes the chemical interference that is keeping your body from functioning optimally. Our cutting-edge testing process effectively indicates just how much cellular inflammation is present in the body. What is the next step? If you are serious about finding out if this program is right for you, we offer a screening session with one of our trained True Cellular Detox personnel including three tests which will help us determine if you are toxic. These tests are performed on site in our offices with same day results.

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We customize a program focused on finding the causes associated with your specific metabolic insufficiency. Our specialized testing & technology look at specific biological markers associated with metabolism and offers natural solutions to improve your metabolic performance. Our results are guaranteed!


Don’t wait any longer, discover true health solutions that will give you the health, energy & vitality you want to do the things that are important to you.

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Get Thin, Get Healthy, and get your life back!